Need Help?
We've collected answers to some of your most frequently asked questions. If you aren't able to find the answer to your query, please get in touch.
Sign up and Accounts
How do I sign up?
Right here! Use our simple registration form. It's free to join with no obligation to order.
Once I've registered, how long will it be till I can order?
Before you can order StarStock items, your outlet will need to be risk assessed by our logistics partner (GXO). This takes 5-10 working days. To order Booker items, your outlet will need to be risk assessed by them. This takes up to 10 working days. We'll email you as soon as you are able to order StarStock or Booker items.

We do have a range of regional products, that are fulfilled by the producer themselves which can be ordered right away - view them here.
I have more than one outlet, do I need individual accounts for each site?
If you require multi-outlet ordering, please get in touch, and we can get this set up for you.
I have an account but I can't log in!
If you're having trouble logging in, first please try to reset your password. If you're still experiencing issues, please get in touch and we'll be able to assist.
Can I set up more users for my outlet?
Yes - these can be set up through My Account.
What's the minimum order value?
For items fulfilled by StarStock, it's £350 ex VAT.

For Booker, it's £250 ex VAT.

For items fulfilled by the producers themselves, they have their own individual minimum order thresholds that can be viewed against the product or in checkout.
Can I order from more than one brand owner on the same order?
Yes! Fill your basket with any products, and the order will be split depending on how the items are fulfilled.
Is there a cut off time for ordering for my regular delivery day?
For StarStock items - order by 3pm Day 1 for Day 3 delivery.

For Booker items - order by 11am Day 1 for Day 2 delivery.

For producer delivered items, the delivery time frame will be outlined against the products and in checkout.
What happens if I miss the cut off for placing my order?
You will be offered the next available delivery date (this is likely to be one week ahead).
What payment options do I have?
We currently offer two payment options. Credit card via Stripe and Credit accounts via Mondu.
You can apply for a credit account with Mondu here.
Where do I enter my promo code?
If you have a promotion code you can add it using the 'Add promotional code' section on the basket page.
I forgot to add a pump clip to my order, what should I do?
No problem! let us know, and we can get one ordered for you.
I need to amend my order! What should I do?
In all cases - get in touch and we will do what we can to assist.
Where can I find my invoice and order history?
Simply log in and go to My Account to view you order history.
Invoices can be found by clicking on the order and selecting 'Print Invoice'.
Can I order over the phone?
We currently do not allow orders to be placed over the phone - orders should be made through the website.
I didn't want a CREDIT NOTE - I wanted a refund!
We will always refund (back to the original payment method) any shortages noted on the POD. The 'Credit Note' is issued to balance the invoice which we issued when you paid originally.
Who delivers the products?
StarStock items are delivered by our logistics partner - GXO.

Booker items are delivered by themselves.

Producer delivered items are fulfilled by the brands that produce them and their chosen delivery service.
What will my delivery day be?
This will be defined by the logistics team, and you are able to see the delivery days available at checkout.
Can I change my delivery day?
Typically delivery days cannot be amended as the routes are pre planned, but get in touch if you have a specific concern.
If I order from different brand owners, will they be delivered on the same day?
For StarStock fulfilled items, you can order from multiple Brand Owners and they will be delivered by us on the date you choose when you check out.

Booker items will be delivered separately, by Booker, on the date you choose when you check out.

For producer delivered items, the delivery time frame will be outlined against the products and in checkout.

We let you know at checkout how many deliveries you will receive and when you will receive them.
Will my delivery be dropped into my cellar or will I have to take it in myself?
Deliveries will be dropped to your cellar unless specifically agreed with our logistic team.
Am I able to place emergency deliveries?
Currently we are not operating emergency deliveries.
How will I know what time my delivery will be arriving?
For StarStock items - you'll usually receive a text the day before your order with a time window for delivery.
My delivery is due today but hasn't arrived yet
If you haven't received your order in the estimated time slot or received an update by email, please get in touch.
What happens if my delivery is short?
The delivery note will be updated and you will receive a refund once we have had the confirmation back from our logistics provider or Booker that this item wasn't delivered. If you have any questions, please just get in touch.
Some of my promotional items haven't arrived yet, when will I get them?
Some promotional items such as POS or glassware are delivered directly from the brand owner, and do not get delivered with your order. This will be outlined on your order confirmation email. If you do not receive these within 7 days of your order, please let us know.
Ullage, Returns and Refunds
How do I return my empties?
These will be collected on a one for one basis. For excess empties, please get in touch.
My product is faulty/damaged, what should I do?
We're so sorry this has happened! Please get in touch and let us know as soon as possible. Once the stock has been reviewed we will organise an immediate refund and arrange for the product to be uplifted.
How do I raise an Ullage claim?
Simply fill out our Ullage Request form and follow the instructions you receive by email.
Do prices include VAT?
Prices are shown ex VAT, then VAT is added at checkout.
I'm tied on certain products, can I still order through StarStock?
You are able to order any products that you are not tied on through your agreement with your pub company.
Do you have promotions on products?
We always have a range of promotions running which can be found on the promotions page.
If my discount has not been applied am I able to get a refund / credit after paying for an order?
We try to ensure that everything is right before you check out, but understand that issues can happen. If you believe that you are due a refund or credit please do not hesitate to get in touch.
My existing supplier is cheaper on some products, will you price match?
As StarStock act as a Commercial Agent for the Brand Owner and are not a wholesaler, we are unable to price match BUT we do have great relationships with our Brand Owners and so will be happy to pass on your enquiry to them to see if they can help. Please use the form here to get in touch.
I get a discount on products from a particular brewer, will I still get it if ordering through StarStock?
Our promotions and pricing are transparent on the site - if you have a negotiated deal with a brewer we advise getting in touch to see what we can do.
I am ordering a keg product for the first time, can I get a font installed? If so, how?
When you are logged in you will see “Installation request” as an option against certain products - these are the products where a Brand Owner has committed to providing installation services. Simply press the link and follow the instructions on screen to request an install.
How do I get POS support or Glassware for my outlet?
Through ordering with us for a brand we will make them aware that you are a customer of theirs, which will start the process. Some brands will make contact directly after sale and offer either POS/Glassware. In addition we also have some specific promotions set up to provide exclusive POS support for you.
Are all products UK origin stock?
Yes, all of our stock is UK origin.
Is the stock all legitimate duty paid stock?
Absolutely. All of our stock is sourced in the UK and is duty paid. Our AWRS number is XMAW00000100731
Is the stock fresh?
Yes! We use only fresh stock, with great shelf lives.
Your Data
Do you share my data?
StarStock do not share your data with any other party when you sign up.
When would a brand/company receive my data?
Your data is only shared with the Brands you buy - when you buy from them, and this is only so they can offer you better products and services. We do not share any data with pub companies.
Loyalty & Referral Schemes
Do you have a loyalty scheme?
We have a loyalty scheme coming soon! Sign up, and we'll let you know as soon as it's available.
Do you have a referral scheme?
We do! Refer a licensee that hasn't used StarStock before, and you'll both get a reward when they place their first order. When you log in, go to Rewards to get your unique referral link.
Who are Mondu?
Mondu is a European Fintech company that enables marketplaces to offer Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) payment services to their trade customers. Using Mondu customers buy goods and services and pay for them at a later date.
Why haven't I heard of them?
Mondu was established in 2021 and is well known across Europe, serving buyers in Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, France and Belgium. Registered with the UK FCA, Mondu has gained fast traction in the market with dozens of merchants choosing it as their BNPL provider.
How do I know I can trust them with my data?
Mondu is committed to robust information security practices. It is registered with the FCA, and holds ISO/IEC 27001 certification.

Mondu only stores data that is relevant for identification and credit assessment. Information on the processing of your personal data by Mondu GmbH can be found here.
I've got a TreviPay account - can you swap it over for me please
Your account with TreviPay is between your business and them directly. Mondu works in the same way and, as a separate business, you will need to sign up with Mondu directly.

We've worked hard to ensure the acceptance criteria are the same so TreviPay account holders should be eligible for a Mondu account but StarStock can't guarantee that.
Does the Mondu application leave a credit check footprint
No it doesn't
How do I know when my payment is due?
Your bill is raised on the fifth day of each month - much like a credit card. You get 14 days to pay that bill.
Can I pay my invoice before the due date?
Yes, of course. You can pay the invoice at any time within the payment deadline. You will receive confirmation as soon as the payment is received.
What if I accidentally overpaid?
Don’t worry! Mondu will transfer the difference to your bank account and inform you as soon as they’ve made the transfer. If you don’t receive the difference within two weeks, please contact Mondu's support team at
How long do I have to pay my Mondu bill?
14 days
I have another Mondu question
Mondu have an extensive FAQ section and if your question isn't covered there contact Mondu's support team at
Are you a wholesaler?
No, we aren't a wholesaler. We've made it simpler by enabling you to order straight from brand owners and packing this into a single delivery when you order StarStock items. You can also order Producer Delivered items that will be delivered straight from the brands that produce them.
Is StarStock AWRS Registered?
Yes, our AWRS number is XMAW00000100731.
How do I get in touch with you?
How do I get in touch with a brand?
You can get in touch with producers here. Simply select the producer you'd like to contact and use the contact form on their page. If you can't find the producer you are looking for, please get in touch and we will do our best to connect you.
What if I want to close my account?
Use the contact form to request account closure.
I am unhappy - what should I do?
We're really sorry to hear this, please get in touch using the contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.