Buy now, pay later
with at
Make multiple purchases and get one monthly bill with 14 days to pay.
Manage the dates and get 45 days interest free credit!
The shown purchasing power is an automated estimate of what you can spend when using Mondu BNPL. It's not a guaranteed amount and can change over time.Information on the processing of your personal data by Mondu GmbH can be found here.
Mondu Digital Trade Account
Simple online account application
Completed in a few minutes on Mondu's secure site using your business details. To speed things up, and where appropriate with privacy laws, we provide Mondu with some of the details we hold about your organsation.
Real-time credit check undertaken
90% of our customers will get a yes/no decision straight away. Occasionally Mondu require additional information to process an application. In these cases they'll get in touch with you directly.
Decision and purchasing power assigned
Mondu let you know how much you can spend and on which day of the month your bill is issued.
Buy all your drinks and food at StarStock choosing Mondu at checkout
Pay for multiple purchases and get just one bill each month.
Get up to 45 days to pay with Mondu
Make purchases throughout the month and then get a further 14 days to pay your invoices, interest free.

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We provide whatever info we can about your business to Mondu (while honouring your privacy) to expedite your application.
To start your Mondu Digital Trade Account application you need to be signed in here...
Who are Mondu?
Mondu is a European Fintech company that enables marketplaces to offer Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) payment services to their trade customers. Using Mondu customers buy goods and services and pay for them at a later date.
Why haven't I heard of them?
Mondu was established in 2021 and is well known across Europe, serving buyers in Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, France and Belgium. Registered with the UK FCA, Mondu has gained fast traction in the market with dozens of merchants choosing it as their BNPL provider.
How do I know I can trust them with my data?
Mondu is committed to robust information security practices. It is registered with the FCA, and holds ISO/IEC 27001 certification.

Mondu only stores data that is relevant for identification and credit assessment. Information on the processing of your personal data by Mondu GmbH can be found here.
I've got a TreviPay account - can you swap it over for me please
Your account with TreviPay is between your business and them directly. Mondu works in the same way and, as a separate business, you will need to sign up with Mondu directly.

We've worked hard to ensure the acceptance criteria are the same so TreviPay account holders should be eligible for a Mondu account but StarStock can't guarantee that.
Does the Mondu application leave a credit check footprint
No it doesn't
How do I know when my payment is due?
Your bill is raised on the fifth day of each month - much like a credit card. You get 14 days to pay that bill.
Can I pay my invoice before the due date?
Yes, of course. You can pay the invoice at any time within the payment deadline. You will receive confirmation as soon as the payment is received.
What if I accidentally overpaid?
Don’t worry! Mondu will transfer the difference to your bank account and inform you as soon as they’ve made the transfer. If you don’t receive the difference within two weeks, please contact Mondu's support team at
How long do I have to pay my Mondu bill?
14 days
I have another Mondu question
Mondu have an extensive FAQ section and if your question isn't covered there contact Mondu's support team at