We’ve listed below some of your most frequently asked delivery questions. If you aren’t able to find the answer to your query, please get in touch.

For StarStock items, we’ve teamed up with GXO Logistics (Formerly KN Drinks Logistics) in order to give you the best possible delivery service.

We also offer Morrison food service items on the site; and when you order those items, they’ll be delivered directly from Morrisons using their logistics partner.

Your First Delivery

Before your first delivery your outlet will need to be risk assessed by our logistics partner and by Morrisons depending on the items you’d like to purchase. This is required to ensure that they can deliver to you safely. They will contact you directly to arrange this. Once your risk assessment has been requested, it can take up to 10 days for you to be able to order StarStock or Morrisons items. However, we’ll let you know as soon as your account is ready for you to place an order.

Your Premises

You should ensure that the logistics companies know any special requirements for delivery to your location (such as low bridges, dropped cellars or Parking/Access restrictions) and that you are available when your delivery is due to be made. You will be responsible for any charges as a result of your inability to accept a delivery.

Delivery Days/Times

The delivery days you see at checkout are assigned by the logistics companies to fit with their route planning. If you would prefer a different delivery days then please get in touch and we will try to assist. Please be aware that this may not always be possible.


We operate a one for one service on empty containers. If you need more containers collecting than you have ordered please get in touch so that we can work out how best to assist you.


With regard to returns please see our page Returns and Refunds for more information.

Emergency Deliveries

We do not offer Emergency, collection or off day deliveries (Yet) and, once this is possible, we will let you know. If you are unsure then please get in touch.


We know that breakages can happen and usually this will be noted on the delivery note provided by the driver. If you have any concerns around breakages or a complaint please contact the number on the delivery note if it is within 24hours of the delivery or get in touch.

Delivery FAQs

  • How do I return my empties?
    These will be collected on a one for one basis. For excess empties please get in touch.

  • How do I return faulty / Short dated stock?
    All stock should be fresh with great shelf lives - for concerns please get in touch.

  • How do refunds for faulty / Short dated stock work?
    Once the stock has been reviewed we will organise an immediate refund and arrange for the product to be uplifted.

  • What will my delivery day be?
    This will be defined by the logistics team, and you are able to see the delivery days available at checkout.

  • Do I have a choice of delivery days?
    Typically not as the routes are pre planned but get in touch if you have a specific concern.

  • Is there a cut off time for ordering for my regular delivery day?
    Yes - for StarStock items - we operate a Day 1 for Day 3 basis (described here and the cut off time is 15:00).

    For Morrisons, they operate a Day 1 for Day 3 basis (described here and the cut off time is 09:00).

  • What happens if I miss the cut off for placing my order?
    You will be offered the next available delivery date (likely to be one week ahead).

  • If I order from different brand owners, will they be delivered on the same day?
    For StarStock items, you can order from multiple Brand Owners and they will be delivered by us on the date you choose when you check out.

    Morrisons items will be delivered separately, by Morrisons, on the date you choose when you checkout.

    We let you know at checkout how many deliveries you will receive and when you will receive them.

  • Will my delivery be dropped into my cellar or will I have to take it in myself?
    Deliveries will be dropped to your cellar unless specifically agreed with our logistic team.

  • Am I able to place emergency deliveries?
    Currently we are not operating emergency/collect deliveries.

  • What happens if my delivery is delayed?
    The delivery team will be in touch if there are any exceptions on the day.

  • What happens if my delivery is short? 
    The delivery note will be updated and you will receive a refund once we have had the confirmation back. If you are concerned please get in touch.