James Bielby, CEO, Federation of Wholesale Distributors

StarStock have gone from strength to strength since they started trading in March 2014. They are committed to working with the FWD to support the AWRS scheme which launched at the beginning of January 2016. StarStock will be at the forefront of stamping out the fraudsters, whose are currently costing the government more than £1billion a year, by ensuring all customers have the necessary documentation in place to be able to trade in alcohol online.

It is also great to see how StarStock is using technology to make our trading environment more transparent and easier to access. StarStock provides an independent online ordering platform where buyers can access product at great prices and it also provides a platform for sellers, both suppliers and wholesalers, to sell and increase their reach to new customers. This enables businesses in the northern parts of Scotland to trade with the most southern parts of England.

StarStock has a robust due diligence process and a secure and safe way to hold funds throughout the transaction. We will be working closely with StarStock in 2017, in educating businesses together about AWRS and how to bring their operations online simply, securely and conveniently.